Devetashka Cave – Bulgaria

Devetashka Cave – Bulgaria

A well-lit cave, since it has ceiling openings allowing light to enter. Locals call the cave Oknata (oko- eye) because of these apertures.

Devetashka cave is located on the shore of Osum River, between the villages of Doirentsi and Devetaki. These are situated in the Lovech region.

The length of the cave is 2442 m, which ranks it among the longest in the country. It was discovered in 1921.

Some time ago, the cave was labeled a military site and was used for the storage of petroleum. According to visitors, the military presence destroyed some of the natural formations in the cave.

In 1996, the cave was named a nature landmark.

The main chamber has seven openings and maintains constant temperature.

One of the ceiling openings is used for bungee jumps in the cave. The height is 41 m.

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